Rekey Locks

Finding locksmiths that can seamlessly rekey locks, Newmarket located, and ready to serve at once is as simple as getting in touch with our company. You may want the locks rekeyed as a precaution – when an ex-spouse leaves or an ex-worker is dismissed. And you may want the locks rekeyed if you prefer to operate all doors at your property with only one key. But you may also need lock rekey urgently – that’s usually when the keys are stolen or lost. The good news? You can rely on us for the service, whether you want it urgently or not.

Seeking a pro to rapidly rekey locks in Newmarket? Contact our team

Rekey Locks NewmarketWe dispatch locksmiths quickly to properly rekey locks in Newmarket, Ontario, even if the service is not required urgently; yet, always at a time that suits you best. Let’s say you moved to a new office or home and the door locks are fine, but you still want to be absolutely sure about your property’s security. Or, let’s assume you are a landlord and want to let an apartment but want to be sure that your new tenants won’t be ever disturbed by ex-tenants. In such and many more cases, you need the locks rekeyed.

Opt for a master key system? Want the locks rekeyed as a precaution?

Our company is here if you want a master key system – and thus, all doors working with one key. And we are also ready to send a pro to efficiently rekey locks, just in case someone who may have your keys decides to come back. To avoid such security concerns and help you carry on with your life without such stressful thoughts, we help right away. Just contact Newmarket Locksmith.

Do you need emergency lock rekey service? Call us 24/7

The response of the Newmarket locksmiths is even faster when this is an emergency situation. Did you lose the key? Is the key stolen? Did you receive some threats in the office by an ex-employee who never returned his key? Never wait. We certainly don’t. The moment you call us with such urgent matters, we hurry to send a pro. A locksmith can be there in minutes, night and day. And also, fully equipped for the key change and lock rekey service.

The locksmiths change keys and rekey locks on the spot

They carry all the tools they need and key replacement products in their truck. And so, they can change the lock pins and the key. Before you know it, the lock will be rekeyed and new keys will be cut and so, you won’t have to worry about your security anymore. It takes a minute to call us and soon, your concerns will vanish. Why don’t you reach us now and we’ll immediately send a locksmith to rekey locks in Newmarket?